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Analisa Carter, a self-proclaimed military brat, has had an affinity for music since childhood and credits her younger years for providing a diverse experience that contributed to her love of music. Carter is a country singer, songwriter, and performer based in Griffin, Georgia. Her most recent single, "When I Think About You," will be released on multiple streaming platforms via Distrokid on April 11, 2022.

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"Dreams, everyone has them. The tough part is achieving them, but the fun part is chasing them!"- Analisa Carter


Country artist, Analisa Carter reveals the release date of her much-anticipated single, “When I Think About You”

April 10, 2022, Griffin, Georgia – Analisa Carter, a country singer, songwriter, and performer, is excited to share the news that her new single, "When I Think About You," will be released on April 11, 2022. Carter's sultry tones are featured in the up-tempo song, which will be available for download on multiple major music streaming platforms via Distrokid.

“I’m jealous cause she gets all of you. My heart is breaking, you don’t even know. In the dark, I sit alone.”

"When I Think About You" is a song that tells a story and holds the listener's attention. All the while, the passionate words of an extraordinary song destined to become a cross-genre hit, lift listeners up and whisk them away on a musical journey. Thanks to Carter's exquisite and true country sound, the words and music blend together delivering a powerful punch that will have the listener tapping their toe and turning up the volume.

The Griffin, Georgia-based country singer has always loved music and began writing it when she was young. The words and engaging lyrics of "When I Think About You" capture the promising star's enthusiasm for her profession with style and tremendous sound.

Analisa Carter, also known as the Beautiful Renegade, is a rising star on the country music scene. Her distinct sound, which combines country and rock music to create a unique hot country tone, is hitting all the right notes with listeners. With the single "When I Think About You," the multi-talented artist highlights her creative singing style, as well as her penetrating lyrics and musical talents, and is setting the stage for an extensive line of hot country hits to come.

As the talented artist says, "Dreams, everyone has them. The tough part is achieving them, but the fun part is chasing them!"

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JULY 9, 2022 - Downtown Market Historic City Hall - Griffin, GA 2:00PM - 5PM

AUGUST 19, 2022 - Drake Field Peachtree City, GA 5:30PM - 6:45 PM

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