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Imperfectly Perfect

Hi everyone,

I'm taking a break from my songwriter session; I decided to blog a short confession. Well, here it goes...My mother and I had a short conversation about no one being perfect only the man upstairs. I heard this saying all my life! I know this saying is true! I don't know anything about anyone's spiritual connection, but I know about mine.

As I sit in this songwriter session, I keep saying to myself, "what should I write about and what do people want to hear?" I started to write but I came up short on ideas. Why? Because I wasn't writing from my soul but placed unnecessary pressure on myself to be PERFECT. I may not do the right things, but I am learning every day.

I have flaws just like anyone else out here, I'm imperfect, and I accept this. Whatever I do wrong, I can learn from, fix my mistakes and move on. There's no harm in being you, embracing you, loving you. Just be you! In being you means your different and that differences sets us apart from each other. Until time...go get inspired because you never know when you will inspire someone else.


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